So Matrix we have the entry level beame which is a wireless device suitable for cars,bikes and trailers.

The MXV Bronze has been designed to combat the realities of vehicle theft and hijacking. The MXV Bronze now comes standard with GPS technology and rapid pin-point positioning of your vehicle for the best possible reaction time

The MXV Silver  Provides Proactive notification features that allow Matrix to identify potential dangers as quickly as possible. The MXV Silver includes all the features of the MXV Bronze plus additional security benefits designed to minimise the risks faced by road users.

The MXV Gold not only provides you with all the tracking and recovery services of the MXV Bronze and MXV Silver, but it also offers complete peace of mind with value-added personal safety services designed with you and your loved ones in mind. MXV Gold which has an early warning feature,self tracking,trips and so much more. There is some nice info there concerning Matrix with the GPS tech etc I would like to keep 

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